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God told us to buy a bus! (Part 2)

Do your best & let God provide the rest.

Before I continue on with our story if you haven't read God told us to buy a bus! (Part 1) STOP what you are doing and go read it right now.

June of last year we moved down to Arizona and Zack's internship, our income, our plan fell completely through. It was really rough. Thankfully right before we moved we sold Zack's Toyota Supra that he built and restored by himself. That gave us a decent cushion to live off of for a few months without an income. God is AMAZING! I am one that believes that no matter what happens if you are doing your best. God will always provide even when things are hard. He will never abandon us.

So Zack was doing his research and doing all that he could to figure out what we were going to do. During that time of hardship and struggle Zack felt strongly that we needed to start our own business. He did this but it is still in the making but it's for mountain bikers and hikers called Trailicana. Although we haven't done much with it yet it gets over thousand viewers on Pinterest a month. Also it's constantly having viewers on Facebook and Instagram and this is with us doing nothing with it right now. HOLY COW! AMAZING! I can't even imagine how well it will do when we get the actual website up and running again.

Also during this time Zack thought about starting his own mobile mechanic business but this was just an idea that he wasn't sure how to go about with yet

Anyways we were doing everything in our power to get back on track but nothing was happening. We were stressing over things that we couldn't control. So we decided to take a break and go on a trip to relax. On this trip our mindsets changed and also on this trip we completely turned it over to the Lord. We went to Sedona and it was EXACTLY what we needed. Wyatt was 2 months old at the time and he did amazing for his first time camping. When we first arrived at Sedona finding a camping spot was almost impossible and we were starting to get discouraged that we drove almost 3 hours away to not even get a camping spot. We wasted all that gas! If you know me (Emily) you know that I hate wasting ANYTHING! We felt like we should keeping driving and look somewhere else.We did this along with saying a prayer. Heavenly Father ended up answering our simple but faith filled prayer of hope and we did find a spot to park and camp for the night. And it was the perfect spot. God is in the details!

The next day we went to slide rock and we ended meeting this man that had a huge impact on us. Looking back he was definitely a bread crumb that God placed into our lives that has led us to where we are now. He is a millionaire that travels EVERYWHERE and all the time with his boys. He shared some insights with us and told us that if we wanted something bad enough that we just had to make it happen no matter what! He asked us a question "If there was a millionaire dollars at the top of the mountain would you climb to the top?" We replied heck yes! He said that's the kind of mindset you need to have. Don't let anything stop you even if it seems impossible.

We left feeling excited for the future & that God had placed him in our path for a reason.That mid afternoon while we were walking around the town of Sedona Zack received an email from an recruiter reaching out to him about a job that he never even applied for. After we got home from our trip he had an interview and ended up getting the position at Nissan as a Test Driver. This job also worked as his internship for him to finish his degree.

God doesn't make mistakes, EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

This was SUCH a huge miracle in our lives at the time. Our hopes for a better future, a future career, buying a home - EVERYTHING was restored. At that time we felt that everything would work out at Nissan and that God needed to have Zack work here instead. So we looked at it as redirection from God to lead us to the right place. We are feeling excited about life again and we are starting to look for homes to buy. We were ready to move on with our life. We were ready for change and growth. Well in the long run that is EXACTLY what we got. Moving on without skipping ahead. Quick side note: Zack and I weren't going to stop being entrepreneurs after he started his career.

After reaching out to real estate agents in the area nothing was falling into place. So we prayed for inspiration & we felt strongly that we needed to rent a home before buying one. Our rental fell into our laps and we got so blessed to have an amazing Landlord that was asking cheap rent for the area that we were living in at the time. Even though it was cheap for the area it was SUPER expensive compared to what we were paying in Idaho. In fact with everything included it was about triple the amount.

With rent, utilities, plus other bills Zack was barely making enough at his new job as a Test Driver in Arizona. When we lived in Rexburg both of us were working full time with guaranteed hours until I got pregnant with Wyatt then I was working part time. Back then we were making more and paid less for rent and bills. Although we were full on adulting again we felt blessed that we were doing it but we were EXTREMELY stressed that we were barely getting by. We knew that we needed change. We started to pray daily for direction for a better life. We knew that God didn't bring us this far to ONLY BRING US THIS FAR.

Change nothing. NOTHING CHANGES.

In the fall my Photography started to pick up and it was a HUGE BLESSING for our little family. Also during this time I started to get overwhelming feelings of we need to get rid of stuff. It came out of no where but I felt the need to

de-junk and get rid of EVERYTHING! I have never felt this way before in my whole entire life. I have always held onto things. It has always been so incredibly hard for me to get rid of anything. Of course when I first started feeling this way I couldn't get rid of anything. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Before we moved down to AZ we got rid of so much stuff already & it was SO HARD. I literally did it cause we had to. I remember the night before our move I had a melt down and completely lost it because we had TOO MUCH STUFF & we couldn't fit it all into our two cars. We ended up getting rid of more stuff until it all fit. We couldn't afford to bring down a U-haul truck 900+ miles.

I remember having conversations with a friend of mine about the feelings that I was experiencing. I asked her why do people need this much stuff? Why do we spend money on stuff that we never wear or use. Why are we so wasteful and the list goes on and on. I also had late night deep conversations with Zack about how I just wanted to live simple. I was SO tired of having things that we simply didn't need. If you know me you know that I can get VERY PASSIONATE about how I view certain things. I was tired of living the way that we were living. We both were. We needed change. We both have been praying for months for something to change but nothing was happening.

Keep the faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at

the moment you're about to give up hope.

In December Zack unexpectedly got two weeks off of work for the Holidays which we weren't worried about at the time. We looked at it as being a blessing to have more time with family. That month Zack also finished up his hours for his internship and officially got his degree. Zack wanted to move up at Nissan as a Engineering Technician to start his career and was doing everything in his power to do so. Even with all the connections and working there for awhile nothing was happening. Zack once again was feeling discouraged and not good enough.

January was when things started to get real rough. Zack after Christmas break had a normal 45 hour week of work at his job. Then Nissan started to end their tests early for the drivers without forewarning. For the rest of the month he was only getting 2-3 days a week of work. If it wasn't for my Photography we wouldn't been able to pay rent + bills for the beginning of February.

The beginning of February we didn't know how we were going to pay for rent for March. We added up all the numbers and it didn't add up. We couldn't pay rent. Utilities. Gas. Food. Nothing. I had no Photography gigs booked and never got any that month. And I worked my butt off to get gigs. Zack is barely working(1 maybe 2 days a week!) and we don't know what to do. We have absolutely NO SAVINGS at this point and we always have something in our savings no matter what! We realized that we were going to be HOMELESS. It was the scariest and most STRESSFUL month of our lives!

We had been praying for change for MONTHS! For a new job, answers and the list goes on. That month we fasted and prayed like CRAZY! I cried every single day. We were doing everything in our power to be successful! Zack graduated with his bachelors. He is more than qualified! We NEVER IMAGINED this happening to us. We didn't see this coming. We felt lost, hopeless and betrayed by God. That was the month that I took a social media fast to escape from reality. That was the month I wanted to give up on my Photography. That was the month I felt like a horrible and useless mom and wife. That was the month that I didn't understand God's plan for us and I got very frustrated with Him. That was the month that fear crept into our life & our faith was greatly dimmed. That month was the longest and loneliest month of our lives! WE COMPLETELY GAVE UP & then something beautiful happened we COMPLETELY TURNED IT OVER TO HIM!

During this time we of course were doing everything in our power to make ends meet. Zack was working on people's cars for extra money. I was looking for babysitting gigs. We even weeded a friend's yard for money. We also went to our bishop's at church and informed him of our current situation. We let our parents know and this was all so humbling for us. I do not like to ask for help; ESPECIALLY MONEY!

Out of difficulties grow miracles.

Then something beautiful happened... Zack's friend Ryan that he hasn't talked to in almost 2 years called him out of the blue. He asked him if he was in Arizona? And then he went on to tell him that he started his own business and was looking for a new lead tech and area manager/ potential partner. Zack asked him what the business venture was and he told him that it was a mobile mechanic business. I am not even joking.. right before he contacted him, Zack was trying to figure out his idea of starting a mobile mechanic business. Everything that Ryan was doing was EXACTLY what Zack was wanting to do. They had the same business plan. Beforehand we just didn't know how we were going to get the funds or start the business. God had literally answered our prayers and gave us EVERYTHING that we wanted,needed and more. He had literally provided the way and was bringing people and miracles into our life once again.

Ryan came to our home soon after to interview Zack and on February 19th Zack started working at Mechanic auto service as a mobile mechanic. This was a saving grace for us and I don't know how we did it but we were able to pay rent + everything for that upcoming month without help from our church and some help from our parents. IT WAS A HUGE MIRACLE IN OUR LIVES! GOD IS AMAZING! I DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED BUT IT DID! Miracles are real.They happen daily. We just need to have eyes to see them.

I didn't realize how long this already was & we need to get going on our trip so we have decided to stop here and write a part 3 on how God told us to buy a bus. I do not want to rush our story and miss something important. So with that being said I am wrapping up with this blog post but will continue shortly with how everything went down.

Stay tuned. We are almost finished sharing this part of our story on how God told us to buy a bus!

All good things take time.

All our love,

The Webster Clan! <3

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