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God told us to buy a bus! (Part 1)

BELIEVE. God will surprise you.

God told us to buy a bus this last February. Yup you heard me right. I know. It does sound pretty crazy but it is our story and we wouldn't have it any other way. Through this experience we have learned SO much and we are still learning so much. It's CRAZY. We didn't see this coming but when we look back we can see how God has been preparing us for this great adventurous lifestyle for years.

Although we have seen His hand in preparing us for our Skoolie lifestyle way before we met we have especially seen it in our marriage. We have been married for almost 2 1/2 years and from day one of our relationship, God has been guiding us to where we are now. We have seen SO MANY miracles and we cannot thank our Heavenly Father enough for being so amazing and merciful to us.

This story of ours is pretty crazy, unique, and beautiful. So I will do my best to simplify it. Back in January 2017 we got married and right before we got married we almost didn't find a place to live. Our first home was tiny and so perfect for us. It was a trailer home and it literally fell into our laps last minute right before we got married. We were living in Rexburg, Idaho at the time and finding married housing in our budget range and in general was almost impossible. Especially when you get married super fast and had no time to look for a home. Money was tight. Rexburg is a college town that is full of students so finding a job is almost impossible. When I met Zack I was living off of my Photography which wasn't doing that great in a community that was full of Photographers. And not only that but Photographers who charge $15-30 for a session. God has always been merciful to me and although I wasn't making hardly anything I was still able to be on the road every week for a whole year and pay my rent + my online schooling. I still to this day don't know how God and I pulled that one off but that was such a fun, spontaneous, and miraculous year for me. It was a year full of growth and change. I needed it so much after my broken engagement.

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." - Arthur Ashe

Thankfully I was able to make money on the road with my Photography. I enjoyed it so much and I made it a goal to one day be a traveling Photographer. Anyways right before we met I was struggling to find more gigs and a full time 9-5 job. I was running out of money but I knew that God would provide and He sure did. My ex boyfriend got me a job working with his family at the State Fair and I made pretty good money for a weeks worth of working. After that gig my ex boyfriend told me that we needed to take a break. He said that he felt strongly that I needed to meet someone else. I didn't like the sounds of that but he insisted on taking a break. Zack literally showed up into my life the day we went on our break. I won't get into our story cause it's long and CRAZY. Ha, maybe another time. Anyways after some stubbornness and redirection from God. My heart was humbled and we started dating right away and then God told us to get married. We got married real soon after we met. Yup, I didn't see that coming. To be honest I was terrified of rushing into an engagement/marriage but we knew it was right so we went forward in faith trusting God.

All that I can say is that everything literally fell into place & worked out so well... it was divine. It wasn't perfect. We had lots of trials for example Zack's wedding band getting stolen by my crazy roommates a week before we got married. Along with a ton of my stuff. Ya, that's another story in it's self. Anyways we loved our first home so stinking much. It was a 1 bed/1 bath. We would have stayed there longer but we only had a 3 month contract with our landlord. They wanted to sell it. So even though we knew it was a short contract and we would have to stress about finding another place to live after getting married we took it with faith that everything would work out for the best. We ended up having this 2 bed/1 bath apartment fall into our laps right before our contract was up. Praise the Lord! After moving to our next home we soon realized that is where God needed us to serve and make new friends in our church ward. We ended up living there for a year. During that time frame I worked as a Pediatric Dental assistant, served in many church callings, Zack finished up all his credits for school at BYU-I, Wyatt was born and we finally found a paid internship for Zack in Arizona.

A month after having Wyatt and almost losing my life to PPH (Postpartum hemorrhage) we sold all our furniture and a ton of our belongings and loaded up the rest of our stuff into our two vehicles and hit the road for our next chapter. We took two weeks to move down to Arizona. We made it into a fun road trip making stops here and there. It was a lot of fun! We have ALWAYS loved our time together being on the road. Those are definitely are most fond memories. We headed down to Arizona with big aspirations and lots of excitement for the future.

What's meant to be will always find it's way. Always.

The beginning of June we made it down to Maricopa, Arizona. Our new home for awhile. Zack was getting ready to start his internship at Volkswagen as a Test driver. This was something that he was really looking forward to. Before I continue I must let you guys know that I am STRONG believer in everything happening for a reason! I also know that God will always provide and lead you to where you need to be. I have gained these testimonies through all the trials and struggles that I personally have gone through in my life. God is AMAZING! It is as simple as that. I also must add that trials are crucial in order for us to learn, grow and to get to where we need to be.

With that all being said we soon found out after moving down to Arizona 900+ miles this Internship, this job fell through. It was absolutely devastating. Zack felt like a total failure and that he made the wrong decision to move our family down to Arizona. We had a newborn baby. We were new to being parents and didn't know what we were doing and our savings were quickly diminishing. I was still recovering from all the trauma my body and spirit went through along with dealing with new problems/emotions. Our perfect plans no longer existed. We had no idea what we were going to do. We were hopeless. It was REALLY rough.

Thankfully we saw SO MANY blessings and we weren't completely hopeless. I served my mission for our church The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints down in Arizona and we had great friends who are like parent figures to us already lined up for us to live with them to save money. That plan didn't work out cause we didn't have a job but rent was super cheap and they were so understanding with our situation. So everything worked out for us to have a safe home and food.

There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.

At first we were really confused with what God was doing with us. He really threw us for a loop. We did not see it coming and let me tell you... IT WAS REALLY OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE! It took a lot of faith and patience to push through it but we did. Zachary is amazing & soon after hearing the unexpected news he ran for change. He ran quick. He was doing research here and there on how to make money. He was applying for jobs like crazy. He discovered that he needed to be an entrepreneur and not settle. He took free courses and paid for courses. He was constantly on the internet learning and striving to get us out of this funk. And honestly it really sucked being stuck but it was EXACTLY what we needed. Looking back I realized how much I enjoyed that time with my little family. I just had my baby and I was surrounded everyday by love and support. I honestly believe if Zack wasn't home full time that I would have became super depressed. In the midst of it all - it was a wonderful blessing!

I am wrapping up Part 1 of our story but I will resume shortly how God told us to buy a bus in our next blog post. I do feel strongly that I needed to share what I shared today. You guys need to hear where we came from and our foundation. I feel that is SO IMPORTANT to understand why we are where we are. I have been wanting to share our story for quite some time but timing has not been proper up until right now. I know that God leads us step by step to where we need to be. I have seen it first hand and I know that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! So if you are going through something right now that is weighing you down. Just know that it is happening for a reason and you will become stronger because of it. Our struggles can lead us to where we need to be and help us to become who we need to be. Trust the process and always trust Him.

To be continued.. trust me you want to hear what happens next!

All our love,

The Webster Clan! <3

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