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Today is a beautiful gift

Today is a beautiful gift.

Today when you woke up did you think to yourself that today is a gift? Did you consider that you will never have this exact day ever again? Did you pray to Heavenly Father to live this day the best way that you can? Well to be honest I didn't but I am trying to look at my life like this.

In my 25 years of life I have come to learn that life is precious and fragile. I have regrets. In fact I have more than I wish I did. I have regrets of not saying I love you enough or not showing that I care as often as I should have. I have regrets of not always being there for someone that I care about. I have regrets of not taking 5 minutes out of my day to simply make a phone call or send a text saying "I am thinking of you." I have regrets of not being the person that I needed to be. I have made my fair share of mistakes. I have had loved ones who I cared greatly about that I didn't let them know how much I loved them before it was too late. I regret it and there is nothing that I can do about it but live in the present and not make the same mistakes again.

I think it's amazing that each day we have a new beginning to start fresh and perhaps be a little better. Each day is a beautiful song waiting to be written and sung. It's up to us to make that happen. Now I am not saying to beat yourself up for your past regrets or for not being perfect right away but what I am saying is to strive to be better each and every day so you can become better.

Be better to become better.

When we do better we are allowing ourselves to become better. After all we are only human so perfection doesn't come over night but better does. Better is something that we can work on every day like today. Today is a beautiful day to start something new & end something negative in our lives. Today is a great day to mend broken relationships and let your heart start to heal. Today is the perfect day to simply be happy to be where you are in life. Today is the time to love those around you who have been trying to love you. Let them into your life. Love them back. Regret is a strong 6 letter word and it doesn't just disappear. So let's all avoid that 6 letter word and love like crazy and make sure to let our loved ones know it.

Love like crazy.

When was the last time you expressed how much you loved your spouse, parents, children, siblings or even your childhood best friend? Life is gets crazy and we all know what it is like to get caught up in the every day grind and forget to slow down and tell our loved ones how much we really do love them. Am I right? I know this happens to me more times than I would like to admit. It's so easy to forget how good we got it until maybe it's gone.

Today is truly a gift waiting to be opened and loved. That's why it's called the present. I want you to think back to when you were a child and you got a birthday present from your grandparents or someone who always got you good presents. Wouldn't you be excited to tear it open and love every bit of it? It should be the same way with today. I truly believe that today is a present that why it's called the present. I know that Heavenly Father has blessed us with each day to live and to love. He loves us and with each new day He gives us many opportunities to grow, learn, share, love and become who we need to be.

Embrace today.

Today is not just another day. It's a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning, Embrace it. We have so much to be grateful for and we have so much to look forward to in life. Each day we have the choice to start new and to see the world differently and in a beautiful way. We can decide to be happy and love our life for what it is and not what we would like it to be. We can choose to forgive others and even forgive ourselves. We can laugh more often and worry less. We can smile more frequently and love like crazy.

You will never have this day ever again. Make something amazing out of it. Love a little harder and live your life to the best that you know how. Enjoy the beautiful moments and embrace the not so beautiful moments. For these moments will be what will define and shape you into who you need to become. Life is absolutely precious and you are so beyond blessed to have your loved ones in it. Tell them that you love them. Show them that you love them and NEVER stopping doing so because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

All our love,

The Webster Clan!<3

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