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Four months too fast!

Four months ago you came into our life and everything changed for the best. You are the sweetest little boy that we could have ever asked for or wanted. You are absolutely perfect in every single way and we feel beyond blessed. Your father and I thank Heavenly Father each and ever day for bringing you into our life. I never thought that having a baby would be this magical. Yes, nights can be long and in my opinion days are way too fast. You have really spoiled us with your sweet spirit. You have been smiling since week one and I am not just saying that either. You truly have such a beautiful little spirit that has touched so many lives already.

This past month you have been growing like a weed and you have grown the most. You have discovered your toes and you are OBSESSED with them! It is the cutest thing ever. You are constantly playing with them throughout the day. You also love playing with mommy's hair right now. You LOVE watching videos and seeing pictures of yourself. You will get the biggest smile upon your face. You were eating SO much for awhile that we couldn't keep up. So we started to put rice cereal in your milk so you weren't eating every 30 mins. No joke you were easily eating 4-6 ounces each feeding. Thankful you are back to eating like every 2 hours. You are now over 14 pounds and almost 25 inches long. You are thriving and loving every bit of life. This past month we put you completely on formula and it was one of the hardest choices that I have ever made but it's what's best for everyone. We also found out that you are lactose intolerant which really stinks but it makes sense cause both your father and I are that way. Fingers crossed that you grow out of it.

You have finally found your laugh and it is the most contagious thing in the whole world. So stinking cute. You are getting so long that you no longer fit in your bassinet. Your personality keeps growing every day and you are the funniest kid EVER. We cannot wait to see who you'll be here in a few months but at the same time we never want you to grow up. *sobs* You have always loved bath time and you are almost too big for your little tub. Oh yes you now fit into size 2 diapers. You have started to rock on your knees and literally just the other day you did a push up. You also started teething this month and it breaks my heart how uncomfortable you get. Since month one you haven't been waking up in the middle of the night but you have a few times ever since you started teething. You also went down a slide for your first time ever this past month and you loved it. You simply amaze us little man with your love for life and how strong you are. We love you, little Wyatt and we cannot wait to see what this upcoming month will bring.

With much love,

Your loving parents!<3

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