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Live a life full of gratitude!

Hello my dear friends! I was going to write about another topic this week but instead I felt strongly that I should share something else. First off before I share my thoughts for this beautiful week. I want to let you guys know some of my goals for our blogging journey. As a new blogger I want to set a goal to write one post every week and that day that I will be aiming for will be today, Friday! Also as I get more into blogging I will be sharing posts as often as I feel inspired to. Another goal of mine is to get my husband, Zachary involved in not only sharing our stories but actually having him share his thoughts on our blog. Hence why I posted my name at the top of the blog articles that way you will know whose voice is sharing our life story. This is something that I have mentioned to him briefly and he has told me that he likes the idea. Although he is extremely busy with work, running his new business & possibly going back to school soon... so his blog posts will not be that often but they will happen so look out for those cause they will be great!

You might be thinking right now.. why in the world is she making her husband write blog posts with her? How controlling is that? The truth is It does indeed sound controlling but I don't look at it that way. I look at it in the way of encouraging each other to share and inspire ourselves by hopefully inspiring others. My husband is amazing and he has SO MUCH to share. He is very good with words and I know that this blog journey of ours will truly bless our own life as well as others. It will help us to keep growing closer together, to have another thing in common and to see the beauty in our own life. What I mean by that is I truly believe when we take the time to ponder our life we will see more blessings that perhaps we might have missed. Life is super busy and most days it feels like it's going 100 miles per hour. Ha, so it is good to slow down every once in awhile and simply count your blessings & to record them! HECK WE NEED TO SHARE THEM OFTEN! We all need to be reminded of how amazing life is. We all go through times in our life when we don't feel loved or we don't feel blessed. I have been there but, it is not true. We are blessed and we are ALWAYS loved by more people than we realize. So don't forget that!

Finally for the main course; the moment we all have been waiting for! The meat of the story or whatever you shall call it. Ha, anyways for the next few paragraphs I will be asking some questions for all of us to ponder. Bear with me.

When was the last time you were thanked? Thanked for making a delicious meal, maybe it wasn't even that good and you knew it but you were still thanked? Who knows maybe you were thanked for holding the door open for someone you didn't even know? Perhaps you delivered cookies to your neighbor for no darn reason and they said thank you. Now how did that make you feel? It made you feel good, didn't it?

Now when was the last time you thanked someone for something that they did for you? *ponder* Okay most of us have manners and that's not what I am talking about right now. I mean when was the last time you genuinely thanked someone for going out of there way for you or even thanking them for something they might do every day... like the dishes! People know when you are being sincere or not and people need to feel that love and appreciation from you. We all need to feel it often! It's SO important in order for us to feel good, to succeed and be motivated to do better. Are we taking others for granted? We might not even know we are doing this but we all do it at times. I know that I have and I have to consistently remind myself to let others know how much I appreciate them. I honestly do love so many people in my life who are always there for me when I need them the most. But I am just human and it can be hard for me to always remember to show it. It's not always easy to go out of your way to do these things but it does make the world of a difference for both parties. Gratitude is a two way street y'all! So just do it!

Isn't it amazing though that God created us to need each other? It just amazes me EVERYDAY that we don't have to go through this crazy life by ourselves. We got friends and family who love and care for us! God did that for a reason. I believe with all my heart that God does put certain people in our lives at specific times to help us become who we need to be, to help us overcome our trials and, ultimately to help us succeed in life. The sooner we understand this and use this knowledge in our lives the sooner we will be incredibly happy. To wrap things up.. Life is rough and when we take time out of our day to simply say thank you and give back to others WE WILL have a heart full of gratitude and WE WILL fall more in love with our lives.

All our love,

The Webster Clan <3

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