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Life is what you make of it!

My little family

   Have you ever just stopped whatever you were doing and stood still for a moment while you examined your life and thought "Wow, I am truly blessed?" Well, I had that kind of moment today while I was watching my little one sleep so peacefully and perfectly right next to me. As I watched him breathe in and out while making his cute little sleeping noises my heart was filled with SO MUCH love and gratitude. This is my new life and I am absolutely in love with it. Hi! My name is Emily and I am a new mama to a beautiful baby boy named Wyatt Daniel! He is my pride and joy and he is easily the happiest baby out there! No joke, he smiles all day and every day! He even smiles in his sleep. It’s seriously the cutest thing EVER! I am married to a wonderful, super talented and, handsome man named Zachary and I am stupidly in love with him. He makes me giddy every day by the way he holds me, tickles me and how he looks at me. You could say that we are that ridiculously lovey dovey, silly and straight up weird couple but it’s our love story and we wouldn’t have it ANY other way!

    I wanted to start a blog to document our beautiful, crazy and, sometimes messy life! I want to share the lessons we learn, the trials we face and all the spontaneous adventures we go on. I hope this blog journey of ours will inspire, uplift and brighten someone’s day. Most importantly I want to let others know that they aren’t alone. This life that we get to live is hard, stressful and crazy! It isn’t easy and it’s not always pretty but overall, I truly believe it is beautiful. It is so beautiful! Life is as beautiful as you make it! This is something I want to emphasis in all my blog posts along with gratitude. The gift of gratitude has played such an Important role in my life. It has helped me in the most hopeless times to the most trying days of my life. And now being married and newly parents who don’t know what they are doing half of the time and just trying to figure it all out, it has truly been our secret weapon to happiness! Gratitude is a choice and it’s up to us to see the beauty in our lives and to count the many blessings that we have before us. 

   Have you ever found yourself stalking someone who seems like they have their life altogether on social media and wondered how in the world are they so blessed and not you? Ha, I have done this and I still find myself doing this at times. Can I just give some advice to whoever is reading this and that includes myself… STOP IT! Stop being envious, jealous and bummed. Once you open your eyes and start looking around you will realize how truly blessed you are. It's amazing how many things will come to your mind and how all of the sudden you'll have made a whole list in your head of things you are thankful for. Now go grab a pen and a sticky note and write those things down before you forget them. I suggest posting it on a mirror in your room or on your fridge in your kitchen. Somewhere where you will see it often. And whenever you find yourself feeling down or when you catch yourself complaining.. go look at it and you will instantly start to feel joy and happiness in your heart.  Just try it! You might be surprised. 

   Now I am not saying not to be happy for others cause that’s just plain dumb but what I am saying is to embrace your own life and make it worth living . It might be hard to believe at times but you truly are awesome and you have lots to offer. You might not think you have talents or anything that makes YOU special but you do. Sometimes you just need to seek for your gifts and talents by trying new things and simply being patient with yourself. Also don't let fear get in the way of becoming who you need to become. For example the fear of not being good enough, smart enough and the list goes on. Don't let these silly things that aren't true hold you back. I know that for myself that is something that has held me back and, I know I am not the only one. Who cares if you don't pick something up right away... try it out anyways! It's amazing what practice, persistence and, patience can do for you. I mean if you have always liked something like fashion, photography, music or travel it's probably the universe telling you those are your things that make you, you. Now I am not trying to preach to the choir cause I have lots to work on for myself. I don't just write this post because, I have it all figured out. I write this cause I know it's true but I still need to use the three P's (Practice, persistence & patience) in my own life. Like what I said earlier.. be patient with yourself. Anything worthwhile and worth having takes time and lots of hard work.

   Your life is worth living and it is beautiful! You have divine purpose and you are here on this earth for a reason. SO PLEASE NEVER FORGET THAT! You are your own unique person who has quirks, flaws and talents! You are important, SO IMPORTANT whether you think so or not and you, yes YOU add to this beautiful world we live on. So, stop trying to be something that you are not and simply just be your best self! And most importantly be grateful to be you.

All our love,

The Webster Clan <3

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